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VT Cognac VSOP

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Villain Tercinier VSOP Premium Selection Cognac is a deliciously soft, floral and fruity eaux-de-vie that is sure to be enjoyed by not only hard-core aficionado’s, but by newcomers to the world of cognac who are keen to dabble with tasting too. Produced by the house of Vaillan Tercinier within the Petit Champagne terroir, well-known for its chalky limestone content and fertile soils, VSOP Premium Selection Cognac is an award winning eaux-de-vie containing an alcohol content of 40% alcohol, and the youngest blend aging between 7-10 years.

Matured exclusively in Limousin and Tronconnais French oak casks, this eaux-de-vie showcases a softer, more delicate side to cognac that would work really well on a warm summer’s day.

The house of Vallein Tercinier are a proud family of cellarmasters that have benefitted from five generations of wisdom, expertise and the all-important secrets behind producing some of the very best eaux-de-vie of the Champagne region.

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