Bin Q Liquor in Baton Rouge offers a wonderful selection of locally owned and crafted spirits, beers, and wines, emphasizing authenticity and a sense of place. Our services include expert advice, private events, party planning, and keg rentals. Our focus on supporting family producers and local products can creates a unique and personalized shopping experience for  our customers. We like to have fun, and we want y’all to have fun too!

A Note on natural wine:

Natural wine refers to wine made with minimal intervention in both the vineyard and the winery. It's often produced using organic or biodynamic farming methods, with minimal use of additives or chemicals. The goal is to showcase the true characteristics of the grapes and the terroir. It's an approach that emphasizes sustainability, traditional techniques, and a hands-off approach to winemaking.While we don’t take a dogmatic approach to natural wine, we strive to keep our wines as close to these parameters as possible. Our philosophy is based on an idea by famed natural wine writer Alice Feiring: we want to drink family made authentic wines with a sense of place. Cheers

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